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Father and child in Memphis, TN
Father and child in Memphis, TN
When you are facing a legal separation or divorce that involves children, Breakstone & Associates is ready to help you to protect your rights. Our lawyer, Stuart Breakstone, is qualified to represent both custodial and noncustodial spouses and to help negotiate for the best interests of the children.

Child Custody

When you are going through a divorce, issues related to child custody are a frequently negotiated concern in the court system. Child custody is related to who does the parenting and how the parenting is done. We can help you to set up the primary residential parent and alternative residential parent system for your new family situation.


We will do our best to aid you with setting up visitation guidelines for your minor children. The court's job is to determine the visitation circumstances and frequency, and it is our job to represent you and to help make sure that your rights are protected.

Parental Relocation

In the event of a parental relocation, we can assist with renegotiation of parental visitation and child support. A parental relocation may be necessary for an existing job, the offer of a new job, starting or going back to school or caring for a sick parent. We can help to ensure that your child support payments continue and that your visitation rights are protected, no matter where in Tennessee you choose to live.

Child Support

We also help primary residential parents to negotiate for child support. Child support payments are performed through the court on behalf of the child. These monies are meant to pay for the child's education, health, entertainment, clothing, housing and transportation needs. A change in employment or health of a parent could result in the need to renegotiate child support.


We also represent individuals who are trying to establish or determine paternity. Establishing paternity can mean a father's right to custody of their child or the custodial parent's right to receive child support.
If you are going through a divorce and in need an attorney for child custody, contact us at: (901)761-9800.