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Business Development and Litigation in Memphis, TN at Breakstone & Associates Attorney at law

At Breakstone & Associates, we can assist clients who are seeking our services for business development and litigation. Stuart Breakstone helps clients in developing areas within their business. We can assist you in making a decision regarding what best suits your specific needs. Business development is largely designed to target potential areas of growth within your business.
We want to help you maximize profits and have a better understanding of what your company should focus on. While we offer a wide selection of business development services, we also help with any business litigation that you require. When it comes to running a business, there will be instances where you require an attorney who can represent you and your company in an effort to achieve beneficial results. Litigation can involve such cases as a breach of contract, employment disputes, fraud, antitrust or patent infringement among a variety of other issues.

We can provide you with mediations when necessary and do everything in our power to obtain a favorable outcome. We can also assist in cases of personal injury law where someone is suing you for an injury that occurred while they were on your premises. Contact us when you're in need of a business development and litigation attorney.

Stuart Breakstone is a Listed Rule 31 mediator.

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