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Stuart Breakstone is an attorney who specializes in providing the residents of West Tenesse with a variety of services from family law services to business litigation. Our practice is focused on obtaining a favorable outcome for each case presented to us, no matter how tricky it may be. We attempt to achieve an amiable outcome among all parties involved. A divorce is hardly ever a pleasant experience, but we are here to help ensure that you have the support you need.

If you require the services of a mediator, we can perform mediations for a variety of reasons, from child support issues to divorce settlements. While we strive to reach an agreement that both parties involved will be satisfied with, we serve the interests of our clients. Family law is a common area of focus in our firm, but we also help with cases of personal injury law. If you are being sued by someone over a personal injury or have received a personal injury yourself due to wrongful conduct, we can represent you when the case goes to court and make sure that you are fully prepared for all steps of the process.
We offer our services for cases of business development and litigation as well. Stuart Breakstone has received a degree in business, so you can be sure that he fully understands what it takes to maximize areas of potential growth and work on your behalf for any litigation cases that come your way. Contact us for additional information about these services.